Career Profile

I always take leadership providing innovation to my employer in any area where I’m involved. I’ve been a Free Software/OpenSource advocate since 1999.


Cloud Engineer & Mentor

2018 - Present

As a founder of a DevOps Pod, I have been involved in Infrastructure Automation and CI/CD for a Global Financial Information and Services Company. I have helped with decisions making to deliver the best service reliability practices for ElasticSearch, Hadoop, Cassandra and HashiCorp Tools and Services. I mentor people in how they can improve their hard and soft skills and I show them the path in how they can grow inside or outside of the company.

Diploma Course Professor

2015 - 2017
UNAM - Faculy of Engineering

I teach the Kernel Space development module in the diploma course titled Embedded Linux in the Faculty of Engineering at UNAM.

Senior Consultant and Junior Architect

2012 - 2018
Samana Group

I engage with Architecture Design for VMware Platforms with different kind of customers in Latin America. I build different Citrix environments in USA and Latin America. I’ve writen the guidelines to innovate the managed services unit in the company to follow SRE methodology. I’ve been involved in product development for the company.

Senior Linux Consultant

2011 - 2012
Qindel Group

I implemented a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Environment to support Finance Terminal Applications for BBVA Latin America. I tunned and automated several componentes within the architecture; supporting more than 10000 concurrent users distributed in High Availability Clusters.

Senior Application Support Analyst

2007 - 2011
West Corporation

I provided Level 3 support to current company product and services, help in the development process.

Skills & Proficiency

Site Reliability Engineering / DevOps

Free Software/OpenSource Solutions

Team Management & Leadership

Agile Approach